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Each top-shelf, handcrafted UFOnium is completely unique, and prices start at $450. Instruments come with magnetic fine tuning system plus 3 spare magnets and wax polish as standard.

Surface Finish Options

Raw (galvanised): Retains most of the cylinder’s original character. Outside surface is galvanised except where it has been ground back to bare steel to remove the valve protector and base rings, and blend the seam weld. The bare steel parts require an occasional coat of wax polish (supplied) to prevent surface corrosion. A great option if you like to see evidence of the instrument’s origins, want to do your own custom paint job, or just like the raw look. $450

Raw (bare steel): Available either bead-blasted or sanded (280 grit). With regular light polishing the bare steel will gradually acquire a patina from the action of moisture in the air and acids from people’s hands. $450

Stabilised rust patina: The cylinder ends are ground, polished and bead blasted to remove all traces of galvanising. The finished instrument is put through many cycles of controlled rusting and “carding” over the course of a few days, then waxed – producing a beautiful and durable mottled finish. The patina is naturally resistant to further corrosion, but will still benefit from an occasional coat of wax polish. $575

Magnetite patina: Mottled black finish, produced by further treatment of the rust patina to convert the rust (Fe2O3) to magnetite (Fe3O4). $625

Large scale pieces and permanent sound sculpture installations: Perfect to augment just about any public or private space, indoors or out. Huge potential variety of materials, surface treatments, surface details, shapes, sizes, scales, etc. – the standard form is just the beginning. Can be made highly resistant to vandalism and weathering. Please call or email to discuss your requirements. $POA

Custom circular inscriptions: Available with either of the patina finishes. Usually $50 – $100 extra, depending on design.

Other options

Spare mallets: $15 /pair

Spare tuning magnets: Experiment with alternative tunings by adding magnets. $1 each for the 20x2mm, $0.33 each for the 12x1mm

Internal locking ring / bottle opener: Allows easy attachment of a padlock, serves as an attachment point for a shoulder strap, and converts your instrument to one of the best bottle openers in the known universe. $30

Adjustable dampening, velcro: The UFOnium’s notes have been designed for maximum sustain. Having the option of shorter decay times can be an advantage for some styles of playing. $30 

Adjustable dampening, threaded: Custom made threaded pads screw down onto the underside of each tongue – providing the benefits of velcro dampening, but with a greater range and finer control. The threaded dampening system includes a set of “buzzers” that can be fitted to radically alter the instrument’s tone. $100

Threaded tuning system: Generally used for permanent sound sculpture installations and larger scale portable instruments, but can be ordered for the standard UFOnium. More robust and versatile, but more mechanically complex. $POA

For more information, or to order your own hand-crafted UFOnium, contact the maker:


Mobile (within Australia): 0417 020 787
Mobile (International):  +61 417 020 787